bad editing

This review contains spoilers, I guess. 

I LOVEThe Last Crusade. It is one of the movies that you should not watch with me unless you love people saying lines right before they happen, and little “eeeee!!!” noises all through the hours. I am only annoying fangirl like that with Dead Poet’s Society and State and Main, but nothing is as bad. Examples of little girl explosions:

  • “We’re turning around, they’re taking us back to Germany”
  • Vintage dirt bikes with sidecars!
  • World War II Tanks!
  • X marks the spot!
  • Nazis! (I have a theory all movies with Nazis are good, including Illinois Nazis)
  • “The penitent man shall pass.”
  • (not) dying off the cliff.
  • The leap of faith.
I LOVE it, ok? [and then suddenly…]


June 2, 2008

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