I’ll Die Not with a Whimper, But a Song

I break into song a lot, and this trait seems to manifest exponentially during my radio show. Tonight, I was talking about Becky’s 366 Days in the Life photoblog and how I’m famous because of a picture when I heard someone open the door to the radio station. I couldn’t see them at first, and so I nervously sang “I hope they don’t kill me.”

Hear the clip:¬†Don’t Kill Me

I’ve included the full 90 second arc from mentioning Becky’s blog to joyfully wishing Ali a happy birthday. I have done this as a study in panic and the danger of death question. I’m pretty sure it’s the best moment of any of my radio shows, including the 4 years at KDUP.

Subliminal Panda DJ (still alive)

Also Happy Birthday to Finnegan¬†from Tinker’s people!

March 18, 2012

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