There’s a big library on campus currently under noisy refurbishment, but this is not a list of that York Library. That would be a really long list, and I don’t think you would learn much from it. On the other hand, the books that I decided to carry across the ocean with me were chosen based on weight, relevance to the program, and proximity to my heart.

[and then suddenly…]


October 18, 2011

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Geek the Library is a site meant to promote libraries, to emphasize that they need our support, and continued funding. I liked the concept instantly, so I decided my thing is “I geek word origins.” I wrote up a little explanation and submitted it, but then I read other entries… and then all talk about their geekery and then how the libraries are vital for supporting their continued geekery. What a foolish panda. Anyway, it seems like a good site, and I haven’t done anything for the site or libraries recently, but I think it’s a good angle to try to attack the problem.

I don’t know how I heard about this site, but it initially reminded me of “It’s a Sickness” which has lovely Alan Cumming as its MC, which makes it extra wonderful.


November 10, 2010

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