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ME! I’m the one who won! I rock! Go me! It was pretty cool, A 3-time winner, myself, Robert, and a supersmart pregnant lady all going for the $50 bucks but inexpicably ME WON. YAYYYYYY I GOT TO HOLD THE BIG CHECK!

1. kiln
2. gherkin
3. sepulchre/ sepulcher (apparently I naturally prefer the British spelling)
4. monocoque
5. acrocyanosis (I spelled it wrong but so did everyone else)
6. interregnum
7. diaphanous

[and then suddenly…]


April 6, 2011

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1. surreal
2. boomslang
3. pibroch

I had a lot of banter with excellent host Adam about my name. They give you a free beer, which I didn’t take. Host: “But Bri is an anagram of Beer!” Me: “Not the way I spell it, it’s just B-R-I.” Host: “Bri is an anagram of… IRB!” Someone else “Rib.”


March 2, 2011

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1. thoroughly
2. dexterous
3. calyptrate


All-around lovely person and superb speller Leila won, though, which is legit and fo real, and new-to-me Sarah was good too.


February 2, 2011

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1. tabloid
2. criticism
3. meritocracy
4. oneiromancy (I spelled it wrong)

This is the *NEW* spelling bee that happens at the Someday Lounge once a month on the 1st Tuesday. Every time you spell a word right, you get a can of Tecate. There were 10 spellers. I was in the top 5 when I got out. Robert got 2nd place. The guy who won spelled bildungsroman without blinking.

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December 8, 2010

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