Sometime this spring, I’m leaving Portland and moving back home. Before I go, there are some things I want to make sure I do.

1. go up and down on the PSU Tram
2. eat saint cupcake, eat voodoo donut
3. get the shirts I want (voodoo, saint cupcake, republic of portland)
4. place well at spelling bee (I WON JANUARY 24)
5. find and go to the cemetery where my French relatives are
6. visit McAuley in Salem
7. visit Shelley in Eugene
8. do karaoke from hell
9. do puzzled pint in february, march
10. go to the rose garden
11. buy ‘castro’ hat often seen in portland
12. go to ground kontrol several times
13. dye my hair purple
14. go to someday lounge spelling bee on 1st tuesday of the month february,CHECK, march
15. go see futbol matches at 4-4-2 on hawthorne at least once (I WENT FEBRUARY 9)
16. go to a roller derby match
17. go to ice cream renaissance in vancouver, wa

i COULD visit the zoo but I don’t have to.


January 3, 2011

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