Brothers Bloom

They were not made in 2009, but they made my year.

3. I Could Never Be Your Woman ( 2007)

I swear to God, I only watched this movie because David Mitchell has a cameo. It’s a fine cameo, but it’s a more than decent movie surrounding his bit part. In the best scene ever, Paul Rudd DANCES. He does not stop, he does not limit your enjoyment to one silly move. He COMMITS and he DANCES DAMMIT. The supporting cast is fun, doing a farce of a high school mini drama, the daughter says naughty grown-up things, and the least fun person in the movie in Michelle Pfeiffer. It is one of the few romcoms I think I’ll ever approve of. Well done, you fun stupid movie. [and then suddenly…]


December 31, 2009

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