My nametag at a Portland taping of Doug Loves Movies

I submitted a category for the Leonard Maltin game on the Doug Loves Movies podcast, and Doug Benson used it in the Nov. 28, 2011 episode! They all got the joke! I’m internet famous!! Hear the clip here: Doug Loves TankHughes

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November 28, 2011

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October 10, 2011

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1. Twitter
I don’t advocate anyone’s use of Twitter but my own. For me, it’s the perfect combination of ‘things I need to say outloud for the record’ and ‘things I don’t want to bother a specific person about’ without the vulnerability of Facebook where everyone from my entire life can see my most recent anxiety attack or third-panda-plural admonishment of myself.

2. Kingdom of Loathing
Resham told me about this pun-filled online game. It’s pretty stupid, but it’s funny enough that you don’t mind having to spend all of your adventures trying to level up, because you can drink alcohol and gain a lot of them back. It was a good way to pass the time. I think I had the most fun naming my familiars: (Polaris Bear the Star Starfish being the best.)

So now i’m a level 16 Accordian Thief and there’s some greater thing that I could do, but I think I’m done with it.

3. F My Life
My brother sent me this link the day after a breakup, and it felt so good to be surrounded by misery. Nowadays when I go to the site, it is more of a cringing awkward painful experience, everybody going through so much unholy disgusting trauma, but it’s still a better site than GivesMeHope which drowns me in its sappiness.

4. Nerd Boyfriend
Famous smart nerdy guys and the clothes they wore. Some of them are particularly inspired. Makes you think of famous people as normal people, but also eccentric in their fashion choices, or just clearly from another era.

5. Wordnik
I need to loiter around this site a little more, but I have high hopes for it as a progressive innovative online dictionary, because Erin McKean is involved in it, and she wore a dress at TED that I wish I owned, and I wrote to her and she emailed me back. TWICE.

6. The Sartorialist
I wish I was consistently fashionable and lived in a city where this photographer would go. I am so jealous of nearly everyone on this site, they look so awesome like they are going somewhere important, but they did not know at the beginning of the day that this photoshoot might happen.


January 1, 2010

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