Waynesday 8: Fruit Ninja

Batman: The Animated Series: Season 1: Episode 55: Day of the Samurai

What’s the episode about? Ninja and SamuraiBatman fight honorably on the side of a volcano for the love of a butler named Alfred… kind of. Somehow NOBODY gets burnt to death. Not a realistic volcano fight. Would not order again.

When does this frame happen? Near the beginning, the evil ninja guy kidnaps a student and then… slices some fruit to… relieve stress while waiting for the ransom reply?

Why are you sharing it? Um… it’s a real ninja playing Fruit Ninja. The scene even starts off in the same perspective showing the mid-air swipe, JUST LIKE THE GAME.

November 7, 2012

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Ben November 7, 2012 at 3:31 PM

This. This post.


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