Problems in my Life Right Now

1. My dad is dying of lung cancer in California and he is a good person and I am in Portland and I should be helping them everyday.

2. My house is unsanitary to the point that I avoid the kitchen and bathroom except when 100% unavoidable. 
3. My boyfriend’s iPhone software was pirated, meaning he lost revenue, got his hopes up only to be crushed, and now our budget is limited.
4. Both of my parents weigh less than I do. My dad because of his constant nausea and my mother because of her vigilance in going to the gym during times of crisis.
5. My acne is getting more persistent and worse. I can’t stop touching my face and I don’t think I can. I was going to bring ProActive up from California but I only had carry-on bags and those are liquids. 
Resolutions to problems:
1. Cry, visit often, talk to my mom more often, edit dad’s book.
2. Move to new house in January when I come back from Christmas with family.
3. Get a raise at work, create an actual budget for us for food, brainstorm ideas for a new program he could write/ new project. 
4. Use boyfriend’s apartment’s gym for eliptical trainer, do crunches whenever possible, stretch everyday at least once. Work out with boyfriend for support.
5. Use ProActive in California and bring it up when I come back in big checked suitcase.
December 7, 2008

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