Bruce Waynesday 17: Pith Helmets for Everyone!

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Batman: The Animated Series: Season 1: Episode 65: The Worry Men

What’s the episode about? Gotham socialite Veronica “Ronnie” Vreeland comes back from South American travels with little worry dolls and gives them out to Gotham’s elite at one party. They sleep with them under a pillow, and the next day they give all their money to Jervis Tetch (alias The Mad Hatter), who wanted to leave his life of crime after leaving Arkham, but needed money to buy an island, so he travelled to South America, enslaved a doll maker in one specific village, Ronnie came to that village, saw him, wanted dolls, bought all the dolls, brought them all through customs back to Gotham and gave them all out successfully. A classic elaborate plan that hinges on SO MANY THINGS TO GO RIGHT AND THEY ALL DO.

When does this frame happen? In the very beginning of the episode, Ronnie appears out of an elaborate set of palm fronds into a darkened room, all eyes on her and all mouths quiet. She regales them with her travels outside of civilization with “bugs as big as my trust fund hahahaha!” [see above picture] and EVERYONE IS WEARING safari clothes and pith helmets at the party. EVERYONE. Later Bruce Wayne is shown wearing a cummerbundy tux, but he looks out of place in the room.

pith 5

Why are you sharing it? Someone is inappropriately dressed at the party, and I think it’s Bruce Wayne. I guess this is a kind of explorers national geographic society where everyone wears khaki field dress all the time, so he’s in the wrong attire. Why is he there at all? Gotham is so weird.

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May 20, 2015

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