The League of Chemical Condiment Nations

In college, I started making lists of words that can be made out of the periodic element symbols.

In the summer of 2012, I made 60 world flags out of common American condiments.

I have recently realized that 6 countries fall under both lists. It doesn’t mean anything, other than that if you make enough strange projects, you’ll come up with fun but meaningless coincidences. If you’re from Benin, China, Cyprus, Iran, Monaco, or Poland, I hope this makes you a little happy.

Without further explanation or justification, here are the 6 countries whose names can be expressed through chemical symbols, and whose flags can be expressed through common American condiments.

BeNiN benin1


CHINa china1


CYPrUS cyprus


IRaN iran


MoNaCo monaco1


PoLaNd poland1


Other countries that can be spelled with chemical symbols: Argentina, Bhutan, Brunei, Cuba, Laos, Nepal, Peru, Tahiti, US, Wales.

November 9, 2015

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