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Starting last August, Conan O’Brien’s Youtube channel launched a new series of videos which feature guests of the talk show (mostly comedians) sharing their favorite Youtube clips. It’s called I Like To Watch. Some are terribly cringe-inducing, or a bit violent, but a lot are just lovely little happy slices of a daily life, or an odd moment from an exotic location. For your internet amusement, this is my personal list of favorite Youtube clips I think you’d like.

I like a lot of structured sketch comedy, but the spirit of the I Like To Watch series seems to skew to unplanned moments, so I’ll just guide you to my Youtube playlist for more written sketch content like Natural Ketchup, Drinking Soda Contest, and We Got That B-Roll.

Dogs are terrifyingly clever, but they’re so adorable that I forget to be terrified. A lady teaches a dog to ring a hotel bell, and the learning curve is so steep and cute, it’s very Pavlovian and very rewatchable.

Cat and vacuum cleaner
You watch it, you wonder what the cat is getting out of the experience, it must be something good. You worry that the cat will get their face caught in the vacuum – and it does – but it recovers and continues. Makes you consider putting your tongue in a vacuum tube, but I can’t really recommend you go through with it, though I haven’t done it myself.

I’m Like A Bird
Ok, this is a written sketch, but it’s about making something spontaneously, so it counts. It explains how the lyrics of I’m Like a Bird by Nelly Furtado were written, and they commit so fully to the singing and writing of the bit, and it’s so catchy with new lyrics, it will enrich your future listening experiences of the original in the background of a coffee shop.

Jack McBrayer – 7 Minutes in Heaven
Mike O’Brien is now a full SNL cast member, but before that he was a writer on the show, and hosted this improv talk show in a closet. This episode and the one with Jason Sudeikis are my favorites by far, but the whole series is pretty fantastic. The kiss attempts at the end are very awkward, but you can stop the videos if you can’t take it, because the conversation and sketches up until that point are completely worth it.

Dog rips off license plate
This is such a short simple video, and that’s why I love it. You honk at this dog? This dog rips off your license plate. Learn the lesson. Do not honk at this dog. The revenge is swift and accurate.

What are you favorite Youtube clips? Tell me here or write to @TankHughes on Twitter.

January 16, 2016

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