Namedropper Song Categories


Bill Murray – Phantogram
Clark Gable – Postal Service
Clint Eastwood – Gorillaz
David Duchovny – Bree Sharp
Grace Kelly – Mika
Marilyn Monroe – Nicki Minaj
Michael Caine – Madness
Natalie Portman – Ozma
Omar Sharif – The Band’s Visit
Shia LeBeouf – Rob Cantor
Steve McQueen – Sheryl Crow
Tautou – Brand New


Alex Chilton – The Replacements
Barbara Streisand – Duck Sauce
Brian Eno – MGMT
Brian Wilson – Barenaked Ladies
Buddy Holly – Weezer
David Bowie – Phish
Frank Sinatra – Cake
Meg White – Ray LaMontagne
Jackie & Wilson – Hozier
Paul McCartney – Scissor Sisters
Tchaikovski – The Red Elvises
Tim McGraw – Taylor Swift


Genghis Khan – Miike Snow
Huey Newton – St. Vincent
James K Polk – They Might Be Giants
Oliver Cromwell – Monty Python
Paul Revere – Beastie Boys
Rasputin – Boney M
Rosa Parks – Outkast


Andy Warhol – David Bowie
Da Vinci – Weezer
Pablo Picasso – The Modern Lovers
Tom Ford by Jay-Z


MODEL – Cheryl Tweedy – Lily Allen
SCIENTIST – Einstein – Kelly Clarkson
ATHLETE – Magic Johnson – Red Hot Chili Peppers
ASTRONAUT – Sally Ride – Janelle Monae
POET – Saskia Hamilton – Ben Folds and Nick Hornby


Chun Li – Nicki Minaj
Jack Sparrow – The Lonely Island ft. Michael Bolton
Juliet – The Red Elvises

June 13, 2018

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