My Favorite Video Games to Play

Fennel’s Figure Math (CD-ROM) (McGraw Hill Home Interactive)
The Neverhood (CD-ROM) (The Neverhood)
The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain (CD-ROM) (Sierra On-Line)
The Time Warp of Dr. Brain (CD-ROM) (Sierra On-Line)
Secret of Monkey Island series (CD-ROM) (Lucasfilm Games)
You Don’t Know Jack series (CD-ROM) (Jellyvision / Berkeley Systems)
MarioKart (N64) (Nintendo)
Super Smash Bros (N64) (Nintendo)
Pokemon Snap (N64) (Nintendo)
Pokemon Stadium (N64) (Nintendo)
Pokemon Stadium 2 (N64) (Nintendo)
Twisted Metal series (PlayStation) (Sony)
Tony Hawk Pro Skater (PlayStation) (Activision)
Maelstrom (OS) (Ambrosia Software)
Roll’em (OS) (Soleau Software)
Barrack (OS) (Ambrosia Software)
Peggle (OSX) (PopCap Games)
Snood (OSX) (SnoodWorld)
Super Smash Bros Melee (Gamecube) (Nintendo)
Mario Party 5 (Gamecube) (Nintendo)
Portal (Steam) (Valve)
Sam and Max episodes (Steam) (TellTale Games)
Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent (Steam) (TellTale Games)
Katamari Damacy series (PS2) (Namco)
Elebits (Wii) (Konami)
Raving Rabbids series (Wii) (Ubisoft)
SuperMario Galaxy series (Wii) (Nintendo)
LittleBig Planet (PS3) (Media Molecule)
Costume Quest series (XBox360/Steam) (Double Fine Productions)
Grim Fandango Remaster (Steam) (Double Fine Productions)
Stacking (Steam) (Double Fine Productions)
The Cave (Steam) (Double Fine Productions)
Lego Harry Potter (XBox 360) (Traveller’s Tales)
Lego Batman 2 (XBox 360) (Traveller’s Tales)
Lego Batman 3 (Steam) (Traveller’s Tales)
Pinball FX 2 (XBox360)  (Zen Studios)
Words with Friends (iToca)
Flood It 2 (iToca)
Cut the Rope (iToca)
JetBall (iToca)
QRANK (iToca)
Fruit Ninja (iToca)
Touch Detective series (DS) (Success Corporation)
Professor Layton series (DS) (Level 5 / Nintendo)
Phoenix Wright series (DS) (Capcom / Nintendo)
Paper Mario and the 1000 Year Door (Nintendo)
BombSquad (Ouya) (Eric Froemling)
Get On Top! (Ouya) (Deep Plaid Games LLC)
Hidden in Plain Sight (Ouya) (Adam Bragg)
No Brakes Valet (Ouya) (Captain Games)
TowerFall (Ouya) (Matt Makes Games Inc)
Scurvy Scalliwags (iPhone) (Beep Games Inc)
Card Wars (iPhone)
Two Dots (iPhone)
Neko Atsume (iPhone)
Chip Chain (iPhone)
Pokemon Go (iPhone) (Niantic / The Pokemon Company)
Really Bad Chess (iPhone)
Monument Valley (iPhone)
Red Herring (iPhone)
Night in the Woods (Steam)
West of Loathing (Steam)
Dicey Dungeons (Steam)
Miracle Sudoku (Steam)
The Last Campfire (Nintendo Switch)
Slay the Spire (Nintendo Switch)
Pokemon Snap (Nintendo Switch)
Blaseball (browser)

Common features: puzzle, turn-based, sense of humor, good soundtrack, non-violent, cartoony

March 14, 2011

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