3rd place

1. hamster
2. affliction
3. interchangeable
4. pleonasm
5. vaalhaai (I spelled it wrong)
6. acquiesce
7. dirdum (I spelled it wrong)
8. pharisaical (I spelled it wrong)
9. leporine (I spelled it wrong)
10. plagiarism (I spelled it wrong)

My brain got tired at the end. I tied with Norton. Norton is nice.


December 7, 2010

in 3rd place,spelling,spelling bee,tied for 2nd

1. marginal
2. flack / flak
3. nightingale
4. dynamitard
5. deasil (i spelled it wrong)
6. bagatelle (i spelled it wrong)
7. apparatchik
8. iambelegus (i spelled it wrong)
9. kobold (i spelled it wrong)

I got 3rd again. I am so good at almost getting prizes. Also, Mike visited the bee. Hi, Mike!


November 9, 2010

in 3rd place,spelling,spelling bee,Words & Origins

1. pension
2. abundance
3. ebullience
4. epiphytic
5. gangue (I spelled it wrong)
6. deshabillle (I spelled it wrong)
7. ziggurat
8. dizen (I spelled it wrong)

Robert won. Good job Robert.


November 2, 2010

in 3rd place,spelling,spelling bee,Words & Origins

1. nard
2. allude
3. stygian
4. eructation
5. zamacueca (spelled it wrong)
6. haubergeon (spelled it wrong)
7. epicede (spelled it wrong)
8. moit (spelled it wrong)

It brings you down, spelling so many words wrong in a row, and having to go up and do it again. At least I was a little witty. She defined “haubergeon” as a ‘a sleeveless coat of mail.’ “For summer wars?” I asked.


September 14, 2010

in 3rd place,spelling bee,tied for 3rd,witty

My Words:

1. lore

2. vegetal
3. splenic
4. parget (i spelled it wrong)
Conn’s Words:
1. inherit
2. hearth
3. pharaoh (he spelled it wrong)
I tied for 3rd with about 6 other people


August 17, 2010

in 3rd place,spelling bee,thanks conn,tied for 3rd,Words & Origins

1. biscuit

2. convertible
3. acquaintance
4. dihedral
5. mallophaga (i spelled it wrong)
I got 3rd place!


August 10, 2010

in 3rd place,spelling,spelling bee,Words & Origins

1. awning
2. zucchini
3. pisco
4. cromlech
5. dithyramb (spelled it wrong)
6. tauromachy
7. rhabdomancy
8. tsuga (i didn’t know it but I followed the other lady’s lead)
9. cosymmedian (when we unsuccessfully spelled the first 5 letters one at a time, i conceded)

I stopped the madness by saying “I WILL TAKE THE DRINK TICKET INSTEAD OF THE GIFT CERTIFICATE” but the lady thought i was pretty cool and gave me the gift certificate afterwards and I gave her the drink ticket. So… we were 2nd and 3rd, whichever you’d like me to be this week.

I also got a banana Tootsie Roll Pop from grandfather, which is weird. I bet it’s gross.


July 20, 2010

in 2nd place,3rd place,spelling,spelling bee

1. purse
2. amend
3. epoch
4. farouche
5. capoeira
6. axolotl (spelled it wrong)
7. coulibiac (spelled it wrong)
8. ascaris (spelled it wrong)
9. sheitel (spelled it wrong)

MAN, it is painful to have to keep spelling after you get so many wrong. I ended up in 3rd place. Robert was once again victorious, good job Robert.

The guy from Everclear was there, which was slightly surreal like a boring dream. I got 3rd place and a drink ticket.

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April 27, 2010

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