2nd place

1. symbolic
2. memorandum
3. patronymic
4. geophagy
5. sebec (I spelled it wrong)
6. aegis (I spelled it wrong)
7. strongylosis (I spelled it wrong)
8. patroon

They ran out of sufficiently difficult words so I tied for 2nd with 2 other ladies. Sort of unsatisfying, but if I can keep it for 2 weeks in my wallet, I’ll have a drink ticket the next time I go to spelling.


February 8, 2011

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1. pirate
2. pontificate
3. civet
4. renascence (spelled it wrong)
5. dulcinea
6. coelum (spelled it wrong)
7. eschatology
8. marmennill (spelled it wrong)

There were 3 of us tied for 1st, they ran out of words, which is ridiculous. They made us come up with rhyming couplets about how the spelling bee was happening in the bar in the back of Mississippi Pizza for some reason. I came up with:

I hope to become the Spelling Bee winner.
Everclear tastes like paint thinner.

The girl who won had something about Gustav Klimt’s painting of The Kiss which is on the wall in the pub. She rightfully won.


September 28, 2010

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1. awning
2. zucchini
3. pisco
4. cromlech
5. dithyramb (spelled it wrong)
6. tauromachy
7. rhabdomancy
8. tsuga (i didn’t know it but I followed the other lady’s lead)
9. cosymmedian (when we unsuccessfully spelled the first 5 letters one at a time, i conceded)

I stopped the madness by saying “I WILL TAKE THE DRINK TICKET INSTEAD OF THE GIFT CERTIFICATE” but the lady thought i was pretty cool and gave me the gift certificate afterwards and I gave her the drink ticket. So… we were 2nd and 3rd, whichever you’d like me to be this week.

I also got a banana Tootsie Roll Pop from grandfather, which is weird. I bet it’s gross.


July 20, 2010

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You’ll get your comics in a bit, nerdlies.

This is a story about spelling bees. Story about good, story about bad.

In 8th grade I got out in on ‘camouflage’ but I didn’t feel so bad because the 7th graders got the word list but we didn’t but I was still a threat and I ended in 2nd place.

In college, I got out on ‘dilapidated’ and ended in 3rd place, and I got a UP license plate. (I would have won if I had gotten it right, because my next word was ‘bauxite’ and his next word was ‘accouchement’ and the 3rd guy was not a threat.)

Two weeks ago, I got out on the first round word ‘dairy.’ SHHHHHHHH.


This week I had fanbase and housemates and friends and my goodness my Guinness I was sure I would get out soon if not immediately. But then!

Round One: foreign
Round Two: lozenge
Round Three: umpirage
Round Four: emanometer (I got out on it. BUT SO DID EVERYONE ELSE. The entire 10+ people all got their words wrong, so we all came back.)
Round Four: quagga
Round Five: crwth (this round narrows it down to two)
Round Six: kakorrhaphiophobia (I got that one wrong but she was wrong too)
Round Six: prosopagnosia (I got that one wrong but she was wrong too)
Round Five: teosinte (I got it wrong, she got gentileness right, she wins)


(2nd place prize is a $5 gift certificate to Mississippi Pizza)
(3rd place prize is you’re fired)


March 16, 2010

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