Spelling Bee: Bee in a Bar

1. pirate
2. pontificate
3. civet
4. renascence (spelled it wrong)
5. dulcinea
6. coelum (spelled it wrong)
7. eschatology
8. marmennill (spelled it wrong)

There were 3 of us tied for 1st, they ran out of words, which is ridiculous. They made us come up with rhyming couplets about how the spelling bee was happening in the bar in the back of Mississippi Pizza for some reason. I came up with:

I hope to become the Spelling Bee winner.
Everclear tastes like paint thinner.

The girl who won had something about Gustav Klimt’s painting of The Kiss which is on the wall in the pub. She rightfully won.

September 28, 2010

in 2nd place,spelling,spelling bee,tied for 2nd

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