Paul and Storm

1. Bird’s Lament – Moondog & The London Saxophonic

2. Jack’s Lament – Nightmare Before Christmas

3. Alto’s Lament – Emily Skinner

4. Captain’s Wife’s Lament – Paul and Storm

5. Lamento d’Arianna – Claudio Monteverdi

6. The Dark Lord Lament – Harry and the Potters


October 30, 2014

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1. The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything – Veggie Tales

2. Rock the Plank- Mad Caddies

3. Professional Pirate – Tim Curry (Muppet Treasure Island)

4. Yo Ho, A Pirates Life for Me – Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean

5. Wishful Thinking – Rupa and the April Fishes

6. Pirate Song – Mary Martin’s Peter Pan

7. Hook’s Tango – Mary Martin’s Peter Pan

8. Tarantella – Mary Martin’s Peter Pan

9. Captain Hook’s Waltz – Mary Martin’s Peter Pan

10. The Captain’s Wife’s Lament – Paul and Storm

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November 1, 2010

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These are not necessarily albums created in 2009, but ones I found and heard and loved.

4. Paul and Storm
They opened up for Jonathan Coulton at PAX, and they won over the whole audience there, myself included. My favorite must be Live, their Coulton-esque reanimation love song, but their parodies are pretty spectacular. (See Domino’s, Pillsbury and Cheetos jingles, as well as Bob Dylan in a well, and James Taylor on fire on their website here) I’ve been listening their podcast “Paul and Storm Talk about Some Stuff for Five to Ten Minutes on Average” which runs 20-40 minutes. It’s cute, because they are internet almost famous but they need a little bit of editing. I joined their brigade of minions, so that is something that might be fun and or useful eventually.
[and then suddenly…]


January 2, 2010

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