wizard rock

1. Bird’s Lament – Moondog & The London Saxophonic

2. Jack’s Lament – Nightmare Before Christmas

3. Alto’s Lament – Emily Skinner

4. Captain’s Wife’s Lament – Paul and Storm

5. Lamento d’Arianna – Claudio Monteverdi

6. The Dark Lord Lament – Harry and the Potters


October 30, 2014

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Well folks, it’s been a wild ride.

This project was directly motivated by Ms. Shelley and the PDX Fun-a-Day project. On the record, the York Uke 30 project took a little longer than 30 days due to unforeseen schoolwork and illness. To view the full playlist, go to the York Uke 30 on Youtube.

I think I’ve been the most shocked at the videos with the most views: Public Property, I Am A Wizard, and Decomposing Composers. I’m not sure if I filled a certain ukulele youtube void, or if it was just the luck of the digital draw.

From the player’s perspective, my favorite songs are the ones in which I sing the instrumental breaks:

24: Friend is a Four Letter Word by Cake
21: Something by the Beatles
17: Sad Songs and Waltzes by Cake
13. Where Is My Mind? by the Pixies
8: Then I Met You by The Proclaimers
6: Mother of Pearl by Nellie McKay
4. I’ll Follow the Sun by the Beatles

[and then suddenly…]


March 19, 2012

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1. What You Wish For – Guster

2. Dorothy – Soshy

3. Come Downstairs and Say Hello – Guster

4. Emerald City – The Seekers

5. The Soundtrack from The Wiz


April 29, 2011

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1. Red Eye – Ben Kweller

2. Green Eyes – Coldplay

3. Brown Eyed Handsome Man – Nina Simone

4. Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

5. White Knuckles – OK Go

6. Blue in the Face – Alkaline Trio

7. I Have Red Hair – Ginny and the Heartbreakers

8. Red Right Hand – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

9. Red Right Ankle – The Decemberists

10. My Coloring Book – Kitty Kallen

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February 11, 2011

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