1. Long Line of Cars
“From the streets of Sacramento the to freeways of L.A.”

2. Bound Away
“New York to London, Barcelona to Berlin, Sacramento, California we are leaving again.”

3. Arco Arena


May 9, 2014

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Well folks, it’s been a wild ride.

This project was directly motivated by Ms. Shelley and the PDX Fun-a-Day project. On the record, the York Uke 30 project took a little longer than 30 days due to unforeseen schoolwork and illness. To view the full playlist, go to the York Uke 30 on Youtube.

I think I’ve been the most shocked at the videos with the most views: Public Property, I Am A Wizard, and Decomposing Composers. I’m not sure if I filled a certain ukulele youtube void, or if it was just the luck of the digital draw.

From the player’s perspective, my favorite songs are the ones in which I sing the instrumental breaks:

24: Friend is a Four Letter Word by Cake
21: Something by the Beatles
17: Sad Songs and Waltzes by Cake
13. Where Is My Mind? by the Pixies
8: Then I Met You by The Proclaimers
6: Mother of Pearl by Nellie McKay
4. I’ll Follow the Sun by the Beatles

[and then suddenly…]


March 19, 2012

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Because of my account, I can see which music I listen to the most. Out of that I can cross out which musicians that I have not seen and who are not possible to see live (The Beatles, Elliott Smith, Neverhood Soundtrack, Traveling Wilburys, etc). I’ve skipped some I haven’t seen but could, because I’d really need to be in the gushy-mushy-lovey part of a relationship and have a boy to see Jack Johnson or Coldplay live, for example. I’ve been to a lot of good concerts, and I’m very grateful for that. See my PDX Concerts list if you’d like to be indie jealous. So if money were no object, and it’s a big object, this is who I would still like to see: [and then suddenly…]


December 21, 2011

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1. Pretty Pink Ribbon – Cake

2. Pink Moon – Nick Drake

3. Hot Pink Hot Sex ft. Gonzales – Peaches

4. Pink Panther Theme – Henry Mancini

5. Geek in the Pink – Jason Mraz

6. Pink Triangle – Weezer

7. Pretty in Pink – The Psychaedelic Furs

8. Pink Sabbath – Dananananakroyd


March 29, 2011

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n. the unfortunate state of being in which one must wait for it to be time to eat cake.
Related terms:
n. the state of being in which Dr. Frankenfurter sees you shiver, waiting for cake. (obsolete)
n. the reasoning that leads one to justify eating cake. i.e. “I had a salad for lunch and I’ve never seen a cake like that before.”


August 9, 2010

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