Waynesday 13: Grim Reaper Pocket Watch

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Batman: The Animated Series: Season 1: Episode 28: Dreams in Darkness

What’s the episode about? The episode begins with Batman locked up in Arkham, restrained in a strait jacket, struggling to warn the orderlies that there is danger. Turns out he’s right, but the Scarecrow has seriously messed him up with fear gas, and he has traumatic hallucinations through the episode which are TRULY disturbing. More one those another Wednesday.

When does this frame happen? Near the end, Dr. Jonathan Crane, his piercing blue eyes hidden behind his burlap mask, checks the time several times as he impatiently waits for his master plan  to come together.

Why are you sharing it? Ok. So you’ve decided on a career in super-villainy. You got caught, you escaped. What’s next? It’s probably time to spend some of your nest-egg scheming money on a nice pocket watch (not a digital watch (which again, goes back to the anachronism of Gotham)), and why not splurge a little more and get a grim reaper decal that swings his scythe up and down every other second. What could be the harm? Celebrate your decision to be evil. You’re worth it.

It’s an adorable detail, and I just like to imagine Dr. Crane at the store, seeing the grim reaper option and inwardly freaking out because it’s even more wonderful than he could have imagined.

September 11, 2013

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