Waynesday 15: Joker Rat Hallucination

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Batman: The Animated Series: Season 1: Episode 28: Dreams in Darkness

What’s the episode about? As mentioned in Waynesday 13, this episode involves Batman being dosed with fear gas by the Scarecrow, locked up in Arkham, trying to stop the plot while being constantly confronted with his worst fears.

When does this frame happen? Towards the end of the episode, Batman escapes from his cell (obvs) and makes his way down into the bowels of Arkham where Scarecrow and his men are preparing to douse the city in fear. In the dirt/sewer area under Arkham, he sees a rat and it turns into the Joker.

Why are you sharing it? Joker is terrifying anyway, but BOY HOWDY he gets more terrifying when you don’t expect him to pop up, and he manifests through a cackling rat. This is some Studio Ghibli shit.

October 2, 2013

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