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One time in high school, Mr. Fagiano had the whole class push all the desks to the side of the room, turned off the lights, and told us all to take a nap. He was my first philosophy teacher, and some philosopher (sorry un-named philosopher) said that he got his best ideas in the space between sleeping and waking. In our class, we laid on the ground for about 10 minutes, and then he woke us all up (I never slept) and told us to write down whatever we had just been thinking about. My mind had been wandering so I had something to write, but I always thought it was silly. BUT NOW. This new idea comes from that place.

Friday morning I woke up to the beginning of “I Can’t Stop Loving You” by Ray Charles with the little harp intro and the BIG CHORUS SOUND. and then I hit snooze. Five minutes later, I heard it again and I hit snooze again. Repeat 5 more times. Then when I got up, I sprang to my computer (feet away from the bed) and started looking up Google images for Mario, Luigi, Superman, and Alvin from Alvin and the chipmunks. Why? They all have letters on them. Mario and Luigi on their hats, Superman and Alvin on their chests. “I WILL CATALOG THESE CHARACTERS AND MAKE AN ALPHABET” I said to the pandas in my room, “A MIGHTY CLOTHING ALPHABET AND ALL WILL BE AMAZED!”

That is a BIG picture, by the way, if you want more detail. I know who all of them are, except for O who apparently is the “Blue Circle” for diabetes. (I needed an O. I hope I can replace him soon.)

It is not perfect yet, but the first day I came up with 17 letters, and the 2nd day I came up with 3, so I figure the curve is not in my favor. I am still missing B N T V and Y. If you look, you will see there is a N and a V, which are the Beatles doing flag semaphore on the HELP! album cover, NOT SPELLING HELP. I learned this recently on QI’s Groovy Episode and I consider them place holders until better, more legitimate people can be found.
The other strange letters are C F K and U, resulting in predictable but still funny expletives from the SNL sketch Jingleheimer Junction.

If you have suggestions for letters I am missing, or just more options for ones I have, please let me know.

As a rule, if a character has 2 letters, they can be on the list if they are the same letter twice. Daredevil has DD, so he is okay. Larry-Boy and Danger Mouse have an LB and a DM, respectively, so they can’t be on the list.

Updates as they come…

UPDATE ONE: 1/10 3:50pm: Alexa thought of Captain Crunch who has eyebrows as well as a C on his hat. Thank you Alexa. Your name will soon be made out of absurd people letters.

January 10, 2010

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connal January 10, 2010 at 11:33 PM

Yondu was one of the few Y-named superheroes I knew of, and I didn't remember him until I saw a picture of him on this list of Marvel Superheroes.


Thom January 11, 2010 at 1:13 AM

Mystery Men, Huey, Dewey, Louis. There I left a comment.


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