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The Burning House is a tumblr where people submit photos of what they would take if their house was burning down. I’ve submitted my photo there, but most of the pictures are higher quality, so I’m hedging my bets and posting it here while the iron is hot. #idioms

Living in a dorm at University, we have fire drills and burnt toast false alarms a lot, and I tend to just grab my key card, boots, jacket, and scarf, because it is so very cold outside. Sometimes I grab my purse, containing many practical things, so I can grab food if we’re stuck outside for long. But if I think about my priorities and possessions I couldn’t replace easily, or that mean a lot to me, this list, shown in the picture, would be the result:

I would take:

  • Grover hat
  • Failte, my panda bodyguard
  • Dispatch water bottle
  • Fluke ukulele
  • Glasses (for style and vision)
  • Pearl earrings and necklace from Grandmere
  • Passport
  • iToca (contains “it’s ok” playlist to deal with the possible trauma)
  • My university key card
  • My Vade Mecum (MacBook Pro)
January 31, 2012

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MuM February 1, 2012 at 3:25 AM

Hmmmmmm…. interesting. Comfort AND practicality.


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